REpallet is a website filled with do it yourself projects and information on the recycling and upcycling of wooden pallets.  Each year, Canada manufactures 10 million wooden pallets and tons of wooden packaging materials which move goods across the country and around the world.  After many years, a company may no longer have use for some and will offer them to people who can recognize their inherent value.  If you are handy with a hammer and nail, we have produced basic blueprints that will help you to turn that pile of pallets into fantastic furniture.

Our goal is to keep create a go-to database of DIY designs out of recycled wood packaging in order to keep wooden pallets out of landfills and add value to your homes.  

Do you see old pallets as WASTE?

With the rising costs of wood and the increasingly negative environmental effects of creating waste, throwing out any wooden pallets is no longer a logical option.


This link is to a video to enlighten you on the many uses of wood pallets around the home.  The video is intended to be only a quick taste of the many functions of pallets.  If you see something you like, please check out the Blueprints and Ideas section of our website to view some of our plans.

Pallets are a budget friendly and increasingly trendy way to furnish your home, apartment or office.  If you are interested in learning more about wooden pallets, please read our about pallets section.